Sunday, July 5, 2009

The sick house

I'm still here....sick but here. Sage never got any red bumps, but her fever was so high the night of my last post my thermo scan said "too high" talk about scary???? Well whatever she had I got.....maybe flu??? Have had sore throat,chills,fever, body aches....etc. Still no pics.....I gotta find a place to put my laptop to connect to my hard drive and have still not found that. Dear hubby found us a shorter way to Kansas City today which is better shopping so...Whoo Hoo !!! We went to a huge Furniture store called Nebraska Furnitutre ....we had to get a stand for our new TV which could arrive anyday now. Yesterday our neighbor Jennifer brought us brownies, yum-o, she was very helpfull and sweet even though she had a house full of visiting family from OK. She said I should get Kael on the waiting list for post schools( they are said to be better ) its a long shot but always worth a try. Also said our other neighbor has a 4 year old boy who is going to Maddie's pre school and their mom is always looking for playdates. So I am off to a hot bath....chills again.


Bambi said...

Hope the sick house is getting better. Thoughts and prayers to Brian's family...and wishing him safe travels. Did he decide to take the kids, or are they still sick. Hope the "non essential" truck arrives soon. Fingers crossed about the post school. Sounds like a nice neighbor...good to have those. And I'm sure you'll find other "short cuts" when out and about :O)

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Kiddo's stay here, you never know if a virus is gonna bring on a attack with Kael so its not worth a chance. We are still waiting to hear about the school he e-mailed the request Tuesday PM. Oh yes I roamed around today .....they have Mansion's on streets with run down bldgs...very strange.