Saturday, July 11, 2009


I know some of you (Ahem Aunt Bambi) R going thru withdrawal....LOL....JK. So Movers were suppose to be here Friday between 9-11, called at 1030 and they are behind....but finally its here. I have pots,pans,silverware,washer, dryer and kids have toys.....YEAH !!! Do not ever use a company called TMM ( Total Military Movers ) Never....Never.....they will not return calls ( ours or Transportation office) and they lie ( we were told our stuff was on a truck once it left the storage facility in OH but the Driver told Brian it was put in storage in Kansas City which they are not allowed to do unless they tell Transportation ) Now why a truck stops 30 mins from here and they put our stuff off truck into a bldg instead of just bringing it here makes no sense. So please if you are military tell any and everyone you know to not use this company, sadly we were not the only ones they were having problems with. I know if someone had told me I would have been so grateful because this was horrible we hope our damaged/broken stuff gets fixed/paid for.

These are pics of Sage getting her Plate made at Nichols Pottery in North Carolina ( Southern Pines and Eagle Springs ) Kael and Maddie got their plates done about 3 or 4 months old....poor Sage had to wait until 10 months but Thankfully They got her feet and hands to fit on the plate....LOL.

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Bambi said...

Funny how all of the pics of each kid are the same....have to do a layout with each...except Sage is much glad you were finally able to get it done, and thanks to Daddy for the play by play in pics. Glad all items are now under one roof. Now if they'll all find their appropriate places. Gotta love EST!